DH Jones Design

Art and Interiors

“I'm not sure whether it is the color of nature or the nature of color that inspires me."  Deborah Jones’ art represents a merging of color, light and nature. She uses a mix of Venetian plaster and gold leaf in her paintings, drawn to the vivid hues, depth, and texture the collaboration of the two mediums provide. Jones' tree paintings come from years spent living among high-alpine aspen in the Telluride region. "The light of southwestern Colorado is bold and deliberate," she says. In contrast, her water pieces come from her present life on the coast, as she now resides on Orcas Island, Washington. "The light in the San Juan Islands is subdued and filtered, and the color of the sea is continually changing," she says. As for her abstracts, Jones draws upon elements from both environments, inspired particularly by their richness and countless colors. 

Photographic inspiration: